Do you have a new DSLR and are having problems getting to grips with it? Then your at the right place.
As seniors, we have some advantages over the youngsters. We certainly have more patience and more time and perhaps a greater desire for knowledge in its own right. You will have seen your grand kids using there latest smart phone, taking a photo and posting it on a social network site all in blink of an eye. These photos have there place, and done well, can almost equal a photo from a DSLR,
I did say almost! An image captured with a properly set up DSLR and in the hands of someone equipped with the necessary knowledge will have a certain feel and style that cannot be replicated with a smart phone.

That is where we can help. By attending one of our courses we can give you the tools to make images that your grand-kids will marvel at, and you can be proud of.

To get started just go to our contact page to register your interest in our course.